The Advisor Curve

At KMG, we refer to an advisor’s growth as “movement along the curve.” Growth is rarely a linear progression, but rather a fluctuating path with hills and plateaus that require the advisor to develop new skills before they can achieve higher levels of success. We have carefully studied the growth path for advisors. From that knowledge, we have designed tools and services advisors need to break through barriers and continue growing. No matter where you are on your path, we have the right services to help you scale and transition to your next phase.

Unlock Your Potential

Key Management Group works directly with practice leaders to define goals and implement strategic solutions that accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and increase the value of your practice, allowing you to unlock your potential and the potential of your entire business. Our services are broken down into three categories.


You’ve got a lot on your plate. Your focus should be on the client relationship, not on pulling reports and data entry. Outsourcing your financial planning and client prep allows you to focus your efforts and your internal resources toward other high value tasks while tapping into the experience and skills of a full service advice team. We pair proven processes and expert advice and customize them fit your unique style, so your clients get a quality experience that truly reflects you and your practice.

Practice Management

We provide a diverse and comprehensive array of practice management solutions to help you develop and improve on the key aspects of your practice that impact performance, profitability, and growth. Instead of looking at all the things you could do, we help you focus on the few things you should do to meet your most important goals. Designed to meet the needs of team practices, our relationship-based approach to practice management coaching means we are there for you when you need us.

Acquisition & Succession

To serve the acquisition and succession needs of advisors, we launched Advisor Legacy, a comprehensive platform helping advisors manage practice equity, engage in M&A transactions, and plan for their succession. Advisor Legacy removes all barriers to help you get done what you’ve been putting off. Advisors make better decisions when they have help. Which is why we utilize a personalized, consultative approach. Helping financial advisors build and transition their legacy is what we do.

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